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Your Child Custody And Visitation Rights

We understand that family legal concerns involving children are some of the most sensitive and important to all parties involved. You need an attorney you can trust to look out for you children’s best interests while also advocating for your rights as a loving parent. At The Law Office of Tamela T. Wallace P.A., we’ve dedicated our careers to helping all Charlotte families get the quality legal representation they deserve at times when they need it most.

You probably have endless questions when it comes to your custody and parental rights, such as:

  • How is custody determined?
  • What’s the difference between legal and physical custody?
  • Will I ever be able to move?
  • Can a custody order be modified?

The Trusted Guidance You Need To Make Crucial Decisions

We’ve been helping families like yours for over 20 years, and we have the experience to provide guidance you can trust. We know these are some of the most important decisions you may ever make, and we’ll dedicate ourselves to helping you feel confident in your choices.

We can help you with:

  • Obtaining emergency and temporary orders
  • Custody enforcement and rights

We’ll Help You Do What’s Best For Your Family

In most custody and visitation cases, it is in the children’s best interests to have their parents come to a decision, rather than letting a judge do it. Our lawyers will work tirelessly to reach an agreement that is best for the children without the added trauma of a courtroom trial during an already difficult time. Finding an amicable agreement outside of court also avoids the unnecessary emotional and financial stress that often accompanies a trial.

When you need help with something as important as child custody, you deserve high-quality, supportive counsel. Call us today at 704-371-4212 so that we begin to help you with all of your family law matters.

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